CV. Bhumiagri Nawasena Perkasa was originally an individual business engaged in the cultivation of white Oyster Mushroom and was established in 2009 (formerly called Mandiri Lestari) located in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

CV. Bhumiagri Nawasena Perkasa is a micro, small, and medium scaled business founded in Jakarta by Rully Prakasha and Rizal Imam Setia Ajie in 2016. Our main line of business is the production of processed mushrooms with the taste of traditional Indonesian cuisine and Mushroom in Brine. Our supporting business sector is trading various kinds of superior goods produced by Indonesia for the export market share, which includes trading Indonesian natural products and their derivative products.

Bhumiagri Nawasena Perkasa is the name of the business that we chose. With the philosophy of meaning, hope, and prayer contained in it. Hopefully, our business can become a business that can grow, develop, be strong, and can bring us and many people to a better and brighter future.

In the course of business, we established good business cooperation with large scale mushrooms plantations in West Java, Central Java and East Java, Indonesia. With good intentions and prayers, it is hoped that this synergy will be able to grow, develop and bring mutual progress together. 


  • To become a reference for micro, small, and medium scaled businesses by promoting Indonesia’s prime products to foreign countries.


  • To become an agribusiness company that has benefits and brings blessings to many parties.

  • To socialize the health benefits of consuming edible mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms to the wider community.

  • To introduce Indonesia’s culinary riches made from mushrooms to foreign countries.

  • To introduce Indonesia’s natural wealth to foreign countries.

  • To improve the welfare of farmers by providing marketing links and better selling prices for crops.


CV. Bhumiagri Nawasena Perkasa developed a form of cooperation in the marketing of Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms, that is mutually beneficial for all parties concerned. 

For processed products from mushrooms, our business provide various kinds of processed menu cooking mushrooms in can packaging and mushroom in brine in can and plastic packaging. 

We also open ourselves and embrace forms of business cooperation with other suppliers and distributors who want to synergize, grow, develop and advance together with us.