Brown Oyster Mushroom

The Brown Oyster Mushroom has the binomial name Pleurotus Cystidiosus. It is an edible mushroom from a type of wood mushroom. Cultivated in an area with a height of 700 meters above sea level, using polybags media arranged in a rack on the inside of the mushroom house.

This Brown Oyster Mushroom has a more chewy texture and a more distinctive taste and aroma, when compared to White Oyster Mushroom. However, the productivity level of the crop is not as good as that of White Oyster Mushroom. Thus, making the selling price to be slightly higher when compared to the selling price of White Oyster Mushroom.

Based on scientific research from academics, Brown Oyster Mushroom has a number of health benefits including, helping cure liver disease, losing weight, helping prevent breast cancer, lowering high blood pressure, helping to maintain heart health and many other health benefits. This Brown Oyster Mushroom are sold in the form of fresh mushroom.

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