CV. Bhumiagri Nawasena Perkasa

About Company

CV. Bhumiagri Nawasena Perkasa is a micro, small and medium scale business entity established by Rully Prakasha as Founder and Rizal Imam Setia Ajie as Co Founder in August 2016 in Jakarta. In August 2009 Rully Prakasha established Mandiri Lestari Mushroom Farm located in Bogor which is the forerunner of CV. Bhumiagri Nawasena Perkasa. Mandiri Lestari Mushroom Farm's business activities are engaged in oyster mushroom cultivation.

The name Bhumiagri Nawasena Perkasa is taken from Sanskrit. Where Bhumi means Earth, Agri means Agriculture, Nawasena means bright future and Perkasa means strong, tough and brave. Bhumiagri Nawasena Perkasa is the name of the business we chose with the philosophy of meaning, hope and prayer contained in it. Hopefully, our business can become a business trading Indonesian produce and its derivative products that can continue to grow, strong, tough, and can bring us and many people to a better and brighter future.

At the beginning of its establishment, the business activities of CV Bhumiagri Nawasena Perkasa were engaged in vegetable trading, especially button mushroom products Currently, the business activities of CV Bhumiagri Nawasena Perkasa are engaged in trading various kinds of goods, trading fishery products, trading vegetable agricultural products and freezing fruits and vegetables industry.



Organization Structure