Straw Mushroom

The Straw Mushroom has the binomial name Volvariella Volvacea. It is an edible mushroom from a type of compost mushroom. As the name implies, this mushroom can grow well on rice straw media that has gone through the composting process. The Straw Mushroom is also known as the warm mushroom, which is able to survive at relatively high temperatures (25⁰ – 37⁰ centigrade) with air humidity (≥ 80%). This straw mushroom is more suitable to be cultivated in the lowlands.

Based on scientific research from academics, Straw Mushroom has a number of health benefits including, preventing cancer cell growth, especially in patients with breast cancer and prostate cancer, overcoming free radicals, strengthening bones and many other health benefits. This Straw Mushroom are sold in the form of fresh mushroom and processed mushroom.

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