Seasoned Mushrooms Cooking

Mushroom Cooking Brongkos Spice

Brongkos is one of the traditional foods from the Special Region of Yogyakarta, in Central Java, Indonesia. The word brongkos itself actually comes from the English (Brown Horst), which means brown meat. However, because of the difficult mention, the people in Java are called brongkos. At first glance, brongkos is similar to traditional cuisine from …

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Mushroom Cooking Rendang Seasoning

Rendang is one of traditional foods from the Minangkabau tribe, West Sumatera, Indonesia. Generally, rendang uses raw materials from beef cooked with a mixture of coconut milk, chili and various other spices. The cooking process itself takes hours, so that the spices will soak into the layers of meat.  Not surprisingly, rendang is chosen the …

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